Chidinma Ekile Jehovah Overdo Mp3 Download

Chidinma Ekile Jehovah Overdo Mp3 Download

“Over 10 million people are about to have an encounter with Jesus as popular Nigerian singer Chidinma Ekile makes a switch in her music subject matter to concentrate on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and automatically introducing her over 10 million social media followers to her message of the Gospel.” – is the phrase captioned by Eeze Conceptz as they unveil their latest addition and this comes as a huge surprise.

EeZee Global Ministry is now releasing Chidinma’s first single under the label for CHIDINMA titled “Jehovah Overdo”.

“Jehovah Overdo” is a mellow groovy song of praise that testifies to God’s great works in our lives. The song is written & inspired by the Holy spirit and personal life experiences; it is hence sung with befitting passion. “Jehovah Overdo” is produced by the production team at EeZee Conceptz Global led by multiple award winning producer, EeZee Tee.

Watch the official video of Jehovah Overdo below:




There is Nothing You cannot do
There is Nothing You cannot do
I have Tasted of your Love
I have seen your Mighty Works
Mountain Mover, my Lover
Onyeoma Neme Nma

Verse 1
You Found me Worthy
I Heard you Call my Name
And then you Showed me Love
You Filled my Heart with JOY
Oya Take my Heart
I Give it to You, It Belongs to You
You have taken Over me

So Run come Everybody
Thank JESUS for Me
He has Done that which no Man can Do
(Ohh oh)
So Run come Everybody
Thank JESUS for Me
He has Opened up the Door
(Ohh oh)

Repeat – Chorus

Verse 2

You said that I’m the One
You have been Looking for
And then you Changed my Name O
You Wiped away my tears O
And you Overwhelmed me
This Love is too much (eh-eh)
What can I Say
Hallowed be your Name (eh eh)

Repeat – Pre-Chorus

Repeat – Chorus